We often wonder what coffee tables are for when they’re tiny, and their price ranges from cheap and affordable to ridiculously expensive.

The average price of a typical coffee table is around $200 to $400. There are cheaper finds that you can buy lower than the average price, and there are also more expensive ones with designer brands on the higher end side of coffee tables. This article is about the different coffee tables and their price range and what coffee tables suit your price range.

Coffee Table Styles and its Price Range

Coffee tables can be anything you want it to be. You may use it for aesthetic purposes, something your plants can lounge on, or you can use it as an actual coffee table where you put your coffee mugs or teacups on and a dish or so.

In the world of coffee tables, the full force of innovative design has been unleashed. This is where we get into the genuinely exclusive, specialized tables that can bring to every living room a striking focal point. Before heading into unfamiliar territory, we start with more familiar designs. Here is a list of different styles you can choose from that could fit the aesthetic of your price range and rooms:

Traditional – Price Range: $94-$9,480

Perhaps the most frequently seen to this day are traditional coffee tables. Their appeal is demonstrably timeless, with style stretching back over the last century. Almost always, standard tables are made from carved wood and molded into a rectangular or oval surface.

Contemporary – Price Range: $44-$13,439

An extensive-term that encompasses a variety of stylistic touchstones is contemporary. In essence, it implies any furniture that is “the present” style, evoking an up-to-date look with new features. A transformative style flaunts the basic example here, with a group of wedge-shaped ottomans detaching from the coffee table’s main body.

Modern – Price Range: $30-$35,840

Modern is a word that typically refers to a particular spectrum of the fashion theory of the 20th century, from Art Deco and Bauhaus’s trends to style in the mid-century. Simplicity, clean forms, and the blending of practical and aesthetic objectives are also stressed.

Rustic – Price Range: $70-$13,472

In old fashioned days, the rustic theme evokes the countryside. The material is usually wood that is cut into simpler shapes than a traditional or modern coffee table. Some examples include brass fittings, evoking a feeling that is notably relics of the past.

Coastal – Price Range: $114-$6,249

The coastal design is intended to evoke the feel of an airy, natural beach house. Light toned wood, natural forms, and an overall more relaxed feel are mostly used in these pieces than rustic or conventional tables.

Industrial – Price Range: $62-$7,530

The purposeful look and feel of factory tools are evoked by the industrial style, using metal and wood in a more rough, robust construction. These can fit well with living rooms in the loft-style or stand in perfect contrast to softer environments.

Vintage – Price Range: $277-$7,872

This is a style that deliberately evokes unique, sometimes quirky philosophies of design from days past. Vintage coffee tables, sometimes using repurposed materials, from license plates to recycled wood, will have a kitschy, traditional, original touch that blends well with other vintage pieces.

What Makes Coffee Tables Cheap and Expensive

Materials Used

Other than the design, the materials used in making the coffee table is what makes it cheap or expensive. Wood materials like sandalwood and ebony wood are known for their high price and are usually found in antique or vintage crafts. Wood, such as pine and birch wood, is more on the cheaper side and is easily found in stores like IKEA.

Finished Product

When spotting cheap coffee tables, finishes are one of the biggest giveaways as you will be able to tell the difference between a decent quality varnish or paint. Typically, cheaper ones are the most popular types and are usually easily damaged, whereas the costlier ones have the better quality that can make them less vulnerable to injury.


You can opt for handcrafted furnishings if antique finds aren’t for you. For reasonable purposes, artisans who make furniture are praised for paying excellent attention to detail and making outstanding quality pieces. A tremendous amount of thought goes into the development of handcrafted furnishings. The value of investing in handmade pieces that are likely to become future heirlooms has little to do with cheap furniture outlets.

Shapes and Materials Used for Coffee Tables


Oval coffee tables are functional. They facilitate movement and give enough room to store items on top. There are no sharp edges, so oval tables for people with children are perfect.


Rectangular coffee tables are more modern and provide the most surface space on which to operate.


For visitors and large families who may want to eat regularly around the coffee table when watching a movie, a round coffee table can be very welcoming.


Square coffee tables provide your living room with a friendly and symmetrical look. They are the most functional type of coffee table and can sometimes offer under-the-surface storage.


One of the most widely sought after coffee tables around is the marble coffee tables. Without seeing one, you can’t scroll through Pinterest or Instagram! Marble is a challenging and costly material for a coffee table. That being said, for as little as $98, you can get a pretty decent knock-off.


The second most popular form you’ll see when shopping is metal tables. These are durable and can be lighter than traditional timber buildings. Metal makes the structure of thinner legs and support and can be shaped into surprising shapes.


For farmhouse homes, wood coffee tables are a great option and anyone who wants a rustic, country look in their living room. Wood construction is, as always, with tables of any range, the most common aspect of construction. Wood can be used in the vast majority of shapes, types, and sizes to be flexible, warm, timeless, and rich.


Rattan, or wicker, is also thought of as a material for patio furniture. However, the modern application of the material allows for more luxurious, carefully crafted furniture that avoids the elements and looks inside the home perfectly on the spot.


A minimal solution to the coffee table is glass. It allows the sofa to gain further attention. Glass top tables are trendy because they add visual space, a luxurious sheen and are stain-proof and water damage-proof. A glass top brings a sparkle to any table, whether metal, wood, or other construction.


Acrylic looks like glass, allowing for the versatility and transparency of glass without the heavyweight and cost. Some of the most modern examples you can find are tables with novel shapes that complement any current environment.

What to Consider When Buying Coffee Tables

There should be a coffee table proportionate in size to the sofa. The coffee table you buy should be at least half the length of your couch, but not longer than the sofa itself. The right size of three-fourths or two-thirds of a happy medium coffee table is excellent. 

It’s very easy to get sucked into online cheap furniture deals that look amazing, but unless you already know the brand, you will have no idea of the quality of what you’re buying. Before you make a significant purchase, it’s always worth seeing something in person, mainly when we’re talking about hundreds of dollars.

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