Can’t decide which centerpiece to place within your homes? Here we gather distinct characteristics of a coffee table and ottoman to help you determine which one comes out most suitable in your living room. 

It would be best to consider the function of your room. If you tend to entertain guests more in a particular place, a coffee table would be the most becoming. On the other hand, an ottoman is more beneficial if space is used for casual living habits—entertainment, napping, watching television, etc. But what if you need both?

Which One is Right For You?

Certain decorations and functionalities within homes are linked with our habits and lifestyles. It reflects our way of maintenance, welcoming, and attitude, considering the practical choices we settle. However, there are times where we have a hard time choosing which piece of furniture would work best. So the question is, which is the right feature for you?


An ottoman is upholstered furniture of couches, piled with cushions primarily used for convenient seating. The earliest designs are pieces of fitted sofas entirely positioned around the corner of a room. Nowadays, it comes in different shapes and sizes; but one thing in common is that it resembles a seat with a padded cushion over a stable structure. It provides an aura of casual refinement and relaxation as well. 

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a piece of furniture typically placed in living rooms. It is a standard household item usually positioned in front of a sofa for holding smaller objects and snacks. The coffee table is a traditional choice, for it has varying practical functionalities—for welcoming guests, study or work area, and entertainment area.

Can You Use an Ottoman as Coffee Table?

An ottoman is a versatile furniture that could readjust well with different types of interior design. Since it has varying sizes and materials, it is achievable to utilize it as a coffee table. You ought to rearranged certain features since it has distinct characteristics compared to the mentioned centerpiece. Replacing the coffee table with an ottoman is a wise choice.


However, not all ottomans have thick upholstery, which doesn’t make them the perfect replacement for coffee tables. It would be best to combine elements that suit your lifestyle and home interiors so that the results would not be awkward and unpleasant.

How to Turn Your Ottoman into a Coffee Table?

Ottoman is hailed as one of the most flexible furniture tools you can find at home. And what delight would it be to decorate it and turn one mere furniture into a coffee table? It’s safe to say that the ottoman is often used as a multi-purpose platform, primarily as a coffee table, to provide the needed elegance and style you want in your living room. 

Check the Space You Have

Before you ultimately start to turn your ottoman into a stylish coffee table, you must first consider the space you have in your living room. Checking your area’s dimensions will ensure that you can maximize your margins, especially those with a compressed one. Ideally, ottomans are compact and easy to move so that you won’t have a hard time dealing with this.

Acknowledge that Ottomans May Vary in Height

A handful of individuals would opt to get an ottoman as a substitute for a standard coffee table, especially if it has the same profile that’s usually lower than furniture stools or couches. On the flip side, you can still pick a lower-based ottoman if you intend to put in some pillows or cushions to even the level.

Pick What Suits Your Place

It’s still important to thoroughly decide on picking the most ideal for your living room setup. If you want a legitimate coffee table experience, you must go for ottomans with wooden tray tops. 

But also take note of the fact that a perfect-looking ottoman design would probably cost you some for its maintenance. If that worries you, select something with lightweight and dim fabric with moisture resistant to ensure that it won’t be exposed to too much dirt.

Final Thoughts

Interior designs must connect with practical functions. That is why we consider which centerpiece is the most becoming for our living room since it has various purposes. Fortunately, it is not hard to consider both. With creative minds, repurposing one furniture to another would save us effort and foundation.

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