A lot of planning goes into decorating the perfect home, from matching stylish pieces to balancing size proportions. For most people, the size of a coffee table is a meager detail they don’t have to think about. However, if you’re designing your home, you may be wondering, “can a coffee table be higher than a couch?” 

The short answer is, not always – there are factors that determine if you can buy a coffee table taller than your couch. 

History of Coffee Tables

Originally, coffee tables, as their name suggests, were for holding coffee mugs and usually positioned behind the couches. As such, they needed to be relatively taller to be accessible. When it became fashionable to place coffee tables in the middle of the room, the design changed to fit the style. 

Measure The Size Correctly

How tall your coffee table should be isn’t an isolated decision you should make haphazardly. Several factors go into picking the perfect size to avoid having a table that sticks out like a sore thumb. Other factors to consider include:

Height Matters

The general rule of thumb states that the table must be within four inches the height of the couch. Any higher and it’ll overpower the room and make it challenging to move around. Usually, this means about sixteen to eighteen inches when measuring the sofa against a standard couch. 

Another aspect of height often overlooked is the space beneath the table. You don’t want to have the table too high where the area under the table begins to look awkward.

Consider What You’ll Use It For

Where you place the table ultimately will also impact how perfectly it blends into the room. You don’t want the room to feel like an obstacle course by setting the table where it’ll inconvenience you. 

Proportions are crucial when balancing the space of the room while enhancing its flow and functionality. You don’t want to have your table so high to the point where your drinks spill when you attempt to reach over the table. 

Often coffee tables have extra trimmings to give them more functionality than just holding coffee. Some may come with drawers for storing away items, making them taller to accommodate your articles.

Look At The Overall Shape

Interior designers generally advise that your coffee table should be half of the sofa length. Proportions are everything when scaling the perfect room and enhancing the flow and functionality of the room. 

Designers have constructed mind-blowing designs apart from the traditional rectangular-shaped coffee tables, so explore your options. Play around with the round, oblong, and square-shaped ones, too, and see how well they fit into your space.

Room Aesthetics

Functionality isn’t the only factor that’ll influence your choice in picking a table. How homogeneously the coffee table blends in with your overall style will play a crucial role in your final decision. 

If your living room has a vintage style, you may be more likely to lean towards more classical designs, which tend to be bulkier and larger. Eclectic cuts may have odd parts that project into the surroundings, altering, and need more contemplation. 

Final Thoughts

After all the theoretical planning, there’s only one way you’ll know for sure if your chosen table is perfect for your space. Even if a coffee table can be higher than a couch, sometimes there’s no need for the extra length. So if the store you’re buying from has a virtual AR app to help you visualize what the furnished room will look like, use that first.

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