Ottomans are usually found in the living room as an extra seat for visitors or as a storage area, but can it be used as a coffee table?

The answer is yes. Since ottomans are multifunctional, it can be handy to own for your living room and create a makeshift coffee table. A lot of ottomans are also being bought to be used as a coffee table. Here are tips on how to use your ottoman things and what you need to know about them.

What to Consider When Buying an Ottoman

It would be best to take some time to think about some of the significant features you want it to have before you go ahead and buy the first ottoman you see. Not all ottomans will act as coffee tables, and not everything they do is appropriate for your personal needs.

A selection of storage options can be provided for ottomans. It’s up to you to determine whether this is something you can use in your life or not and if that’s the case, which forms of storage are better suited to your needs. Take some time to find out just what your new ottoman/coffee table needs to store.

The size of any furniture piece is significant. Since we’re talking about multifunctional work, you should make sure that the size is comfortable and practical no matter how you use it.

How to Maximize an Ottoman

A perfect way to make your living room look comfortable is to add a coffee table ottoman. Typically in a rectangular or circular shape, an ottoman coffee table offers plenty of surface space. On the flatter part is the ottoman table’s surface, which makes it easier to carry objects.

There are several ways of styling a coffee table ottoman and making it your living room’s focal point. Using an ottoman that matches your sofa or throw pillows, you can seamlessly tie the look together. Leather ottomans provide a more costly look and are often included in sets of leather sofas.

If you intend to put drinks or delicate decorations on your coffee table, an ottoman tray is necessary to help them remain secure. You can hold all your things on one tray or put several trays on an oversized ottoman.

Types of Ottomans

Not all ottomans are the same. Some have unique uses that specify the scale, shape, and material in which they are present. The following are the common ottoman styles used in the living room.


The standard ottoman has a rectangular or square shape with a cushioned surface over a solid foundation. They are made using materials such as leather, synthetic upholstery, or linen. They are designed with style and class to serve the basic functionality.


Round ottomans are great for a softer look for your living room. This type is usually built with storage space with a removable top cushion. You may store blankets, books, or toys in a stylish and practical accent piece using a round storage ottoman.


This ottoman type is often referred to as a coffee table. An excellent function is that the top is more table-like and flat enough to put drinks and food on it. Some use trays that will fit the surface just right.

Ottoman Coffee Table Ideas

Not all ottomans have upholstery that is soft and thick. Usually, the best coffee tables are those that don’t meet these criteria. Their nearly flat surfaces are realistic and smooth, and cozy enough to sit comfortably or rest your feet on. 

Tufted ottomans are the most popular and are common in households. They are the ideal mix of sleek and cozy, and they make excellent alternatives to the coffee table. 

You may also opt to use ottomans with wooden tray tops or luxe leather upholstery for a proper coffee table-like feeling. You may also want to choose an ottoman that is lightweight with a dark fabric with moisture-resistant treatment on its surface if you want it to be low maintenance.

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