There can be no doubt that a coffee table’s size is an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Coffee tables provide a huge impact on the overall ambiance and functionality of a living room. If you’re on the verge of choosing a new coffee table, the first thing you must perform is to have your living room furniture measured before deciding which one to buy.

Usually, a coffee table measures around 16 to 18 inches from the ground to the tabletop. This range perfectly makes sense since an average-size adult in a seating position can ideally place something at the table without having to bend or straining the arms. To get the most suited table for your living room, checking the length, height, width, depth, and placement would surely help.

Selecting the Ideal Coffee Table Size

Getting an accurate measurement of a coffee table’s proportions plays an impact to get the right piece for your living room beautification. It shouldn’t look too big or too small, to begin with, as it could affect the whole mood of the room setting. 

If it’s totally out of proportions, the worst thing that could happen would be a ruined ambiance and an odd-looking setup. It also proves that getting to know the right details is directly linked to determine the accurate measures of your desired coffee table.


In the process of decorating your living room, considering shape is a wise way to maximize your space. Questions like: is my room large or small enough? What kind of people (children or adults) live in my house? And other things that seem essential should be included in the mix. 

Coffee tables come in with different shapes. You can have a round or oval, curved edge, or a rectangular shape to move into your living room. 

You should opt for a round-shaped type if you’ve got children to worry about. A rectangular-shaped table would be lovely if you want to clear a space between your television and the coffee table, making room for a lobby walk. Moreover, you’d prefer to have a curved-edge type if you’re confident that no one would be at risk for injuries in its sharp ledges in case of a fall.


Another aspect that plays a factor in choosing the size of a table coffee is the style. You may opt for a formal, informal, modern, or classic look to beautify your living room. But to achieve the desired outcome in your home setting, you must know first the underlying meaning before picking your preferred style. 

For those who value contemporary ambiance, opt for a sleek metal table that comes with a glass in the tabletop. If you want the sight of a picturesque oak table in your living room, a nostalgic classic style would be perfect for you. On the other hand, a round-shaped table with carved wooden legs is a nice setting for a formal yet romantic feeling.


Last but not least is the intended functionality of your coveted coffee table. You must know precisely how you will use it. Do you want it to contribute to your living room’s abundance? Or you simply need another stuff for storage since there are tables that come with shelves? If you want a conventional way, you may want to consider choosing the one that would provide you with both qualities.

In reality, the perfect height for your coffee table would entirely depend on the situational cases of an individual and its living room. One thing is for sure, stick with the criterion and concept that says a tabletop should be an inch or two lower than the stool of your cushion. Adding the factors above, soon you’ll achieve your fancied living room setup.

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