The air hockey game is a combination of recreation and exercise, and bringing it home is not an unusual case nowadays. If you have been thinking about buying an air hockey table for your convenience, you must have wondered if it is worth the money with a question of how long do air hockey tables last?

An average air hockey table can last from one to eight years, but its lifespan can go longer with proper maintenance techniques. As you are currently pondering about buying an air hockey table, read this article and know how long it lasts.

Types of Air Hockey Table

Air hockey started back in the 1970s, where the tables appear identical to hockey rinks, as the game has the same manner as hockey. Although there are different air hockey table varieties in terms of sizes, the United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) and the Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA) only accept eight-foot tables for their respective tournaments. Other table sizes include:

  • Full-size novelty-type tables with flashing lights, painted rails, and smaller pucks
  • Mini air hockey tables (1.5, 2, and 2.5 feet)

Before purchasing an air hockey table, you must also be aware of its types that depend on a players’ different gameplay levels.

  • Beginner: lightweight, cheaper (under $100), but can be unstable
  • Intermediate: sturdier, larger, more expensive

How Long Do Air Hockey Tables Last

Amidst the pandemic and cold season, one way to ease your and your family’s boredom is playing indoor hockey, particularly air hockey. Buying an air hockey table brings entertainment to the comfort of your home while providing other benefits like mental and physical health improvements, as well as a more intact relationship.

Although air hockey tables typically last between one to five years for cheaper quality and five to eight years for premium ones, you can prolong its lifespan regardless of its type or materials. Depending on how you treat and maintain it during gameplay, you can enhance its durability by delving into the different maintenance tips for air hockey tables.

Air Hockey Table Maintenance Tips

With the air hockey experts’ knowledge, there are already many steps to maintaining an air hockey table’s best condition. Although merely cleaning your table at least once a week is already a help, here are few other tips that you should do.

Keep the surface clean.

Air hockey table manufacturers recommend cleaning the table once before or after a game, but never both. Clean your air hockey table on a schedule to ensure that you would not overclean or insufficiently clean it as either way may lead to more damage to your air hockey table.

Moreover, avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia, as these solutions can cause discoloration on your table’s surface. Purchase a cleaning solution explicitly intended for air hockey table cleaning or resort to alcohol or non-ammonia cleaners. Be gentle in wiping the surfaces and sides of the table using soft cotton or microfiber cloth.

Clean fans and filters.

Fans or air blowers and filters must not be a forgotten step in cleaning air hockey tables, as these parts are essential for the gameplay. The air blower exhausts air through holes in the table’s surface, creating an air pocket where the puck glides on for smooth gaming. Remove the debris built on the fans and filters using compressed air and clean them with non-lint fabrics.

Clean air holes.

Air holes, located on the table’s surface, are essential for playing the game that clogs most of the time, so cleaning it is necessary. First, turn on the air blowers or fans, then clean the gunk and debris on the air holes using a toothpick or 1/32” drill. Finally, vacuum the surface or wipe it with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth.


An air hockey table’s lifespan varies between one to eight years, depending on a range of aspects, mainly maintenance. Regular cleaning with the best cleaning agents, unclogging air holes, air blowers, and filter are just the tip of the iceberg, so ensure that you can execute proper caring techniques to avoid more costs.