Take a picture of this: Your living room has complete furniture except for the coffee table. That’s unacceptable, isn’t it? If you are eager to know how you can choose the best coffee table for your living area, reading this article will surely relieve you.

Coffee tables give indescribable value to every living space. They offer deep and dynamic functions for homes and receiving areas. After you finish reading, you will undoubtedly know how to get a suitable coffee table for you. Find the perfect match based on your preference and personality as you scroll.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Coffee Table

In this section, you will see some points to consider as you choose your coffee table.

Think About the Right Height

It will feel awkward if your coffee table will be too high or too low. To keep you comfortable while in your living space, choose a coffee table with the same height as your sofa’s cushion. It can also be lower by an inch or two. More than this height will make you feel a little off.

Take Note of the Proportions

Same as considering the appropriate height, you must also note the length and width of the sofa. The coffee table must be with the right proportion or two-thirds of the actual sofa length.

Be Familiar with Clearance Rules

As you discover the right height and length, it is also another thing to select an ideal shape for your coffee table. You may choose from various shapes that you can look at further in this article.

For traditional setup, the coffee table must be at least a foot away from the sofa. Adding more or less will make it uncomfortable.

You may calculate that your fireplace or TV stand should be at least 2 feet away. So you can leave enough space for circulation around the spot.

Aim for Balance

This factor will guide you in complementing your coffee table with the other furniture. This means you must choose a coffee table with shorter and chunkier legs or is stable on the ground when you have a skinny-legged sofa.

Additionally, if your sofa does not have visible legs, you must choose a coffee table with higher and skinnier legs.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting A Coffee Table

The following questions can help you in narrowing down your coffee table choices.

What Do I Need?

Coffee tables in your family room and living room may differ. You have to remember that when purchasing this furniture.

You can choose a formal coffee table if you want. It will depend on how your living room is decorated. For fragile or delicate surfaces, you may choose glass for space.

On the other hand, family rooms need sturdy coffee tables. You can check out for those with storage sections like drawers. The surface must be able to stand against abuse because spilled drinks or snacks are among standard settings.

Generally, glass tops are not recommended for family rooms not only because it’s fragile but also because it’s prone to scratches and finger marks.

Glass coffee table tops without frames may somehow cause danger due to its sharp corners.

More so, delicate coffee table surfaces may end up with scratches when placed in heavy-use areas.

Will I Use It As The Centerpiece?

Coffee tables are also known as a room centerpiece. But the term centerpiece is also used for rugs, sofas, and any other pieces of furniture.

When you decide your coffee table as the centerpiece, the characteristic below will help it stand out:

  • Material
  • Style
  • Size
  • Finish

You may also combine the factors mentioned above to make your coffee table genuinely stand out.

What Material Do I Prefer?

Shopping for a coffee table will make you aware of all the other choices of materials. One of the most common materials that can enter anybody’s mind is wood. Well, you don’t need to limit yourself to this, and you can go beyond.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Observe your room and the furniture. Determine what kind of material would suit such a space. Clear acrylic as well glass can transform a small room to appear more open. Metals can also do similar purposes. Acrylic, glass, stone, or metal are suitable for modern spaces.
  • Dark wood, marble, or metal can match traditional rooms.
  • Leather can work for various settings and is easily maintained.

Durability is a significant factor when choosing a material.

Do I Need One with Additional Features?

Your coffee table’s functionality level will depend on how you are going to use it. Most coffee tables come with flat surface base support while some others offer added functionality.

Some coffee tables have shelves. Compartments or drawers in you need extra storage. Trunks or ottomans offer additional storage. Other coffee tables are both excellent for working and eating. There also casters and wheels that are useful when you need to move your coffee table.

What is the Best Shape or Size?

Coffee tables come in different sizes and shapes. As you know, the room’s profile will also play a role when choosing a coffee table. Consider the seating configuration when doing so.

Rectangular and oval coffee tables work better for small rooms. Square or round ones suit large settings as large sofas or love seats. Round and oval tables are also useful for areas with children due to the absence of sharp edges.

The scale and actual measurements are essential when figuring out the best coffee table size. Your coffee table must not be more than two-thirds of the sofa’s full measure. It’s vital to leave considerable leg space. Aside from that, the coffee table must have the same height or lower as your sofa seat.

Coffee Table Types or Shapes

The best coffee table for you always depends on your sofa. For a horizontal sofa, you can go for a rectangular or oval coffee table. If you have an L-shaped sofa, you can choose a square or round one. 

Don’t worry. You can still make things work without such rules if you already set your heart for a specific coffee table.

Here are common coffee table types and shapes that you can choose from:

Oval Coffee Table

An oval coffee table is best for form and function balance. It promotes a comfortable movement. It also provides enough space if you wish to store stuff on top of it. It has no sharp edges, which is highly recommended for those who have kids.

Rectangular Coffee Table

This table is modern and offers ample surface space for working.

Round Coffee Table

It is inviting furniture for occasions and is one of the best for eating and watching your favorite show. You can just add floor poufs at the side, and you can party right away.

Square Coffee Table

This brings out an asymmetrical and pleasant look in your living area. It belongs to the most common coffee table shapes that are also adequate storage space underneath its surface.

Coffee Table Materials

Most coffee tables are made of marble, wood, glass, or brass. Check these choices for your coffee table material:

Marble Coffee Table

The marble coffee table is among the most favorite types. You can easily see this one when you scroll through social sites when searching such. A marble coffee table is massive and expensive, but it can give your space the right value.

Wood Coffee Table

This is a suitable material for farmhouse coffee tables. If you also want a rustic and country ambiance, then this is best for your living space.

Glass Coffee Table

A glass coffee table allows minimal approach and captures attention to your entire living space.

Brass Coffee Table

Brass coffee tables bring out the vintage appeal and appearance of your living area.

Coffee Table Ideas

Aside from the types mentioned above, you may also consider these coffee table ideas.


An ottoman is good for doubling coffee tables. You just have to add a little tray to produce a flat surface as you need it. You can also have convenient storage beneath it.

Nesting Coffee Tables

When nesting coffee tables, you just need two to three variant sizes to form a table cluster. This idea adds extra dimensions to your living space.

Freeform Coffee Tables

These coffee tables are specially shaped ones that do not fit in one shape. Such coffee tables are typically made of edge teak and may also be of modern glass materials.

Side Coffee Table Groups

It’s similar to nesting, but it involves two to three side tables next to each other, forming your casual coffee table.

Final Words

There you go. You got the necessary ideas and information for choosing a coffee table for you. Do not hesitate. This is the best time to get your perfect coffee table match!

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