Ever wonder if the pool table in your house still has its value? Pool tables are quite pricey, to begin with, and investing in one can cost you a fortune, but does it hold its value over time? 

The answer is yes if you maintain its condition.  You can sell it for a lower price but not to the point where it’s half the price from when you bought it.

How Pool Tables Hold Their Value

When bought new, pool tables, also referred to as billiard tables, are a costly leisure investment. An older table can have a remarkably high resale value, depending on where and when the table was made.

Vintage billiard tables are considered antique and are standard on the used market, usually those that were constructed more than 20 years ago. If you own a billiard table and are interested in determining its worth, a few measurements and the maker’s name are all you need.

Pool Tables’ Market Value

Instead of what the table may be worth, the value of a used pool table has much more to do with what the used market is willing to pay. These tables are usually not divided by more than a few hundred dollars on the used market.

The used market is willing to pay a price threshold, usually about $1500 at the high end, $700-1000 at the average price range.

Suppose you consider the expense of hiring a professional mover and probably changing fabric or cushions. In that case, the overall price could be close to $2,000, and there are several new table choices that they could go for if they chose to spend a few thousand dollars.

A factor you should also consider when buying or selling pool tables is the time of the year. When individuals take advantage of the weather and spend more time outdoors, sales slow down during the warmer summer months since billiards are indoor.  

In the summer months, there is also a rise in the number of people moving, many of whom chose to sell their pool table instead of packing it and taking it with them. This may result in a surplus of tables at a time of year that is seasonally sluggish.

In contrast, the winter season is the peak season for pool tables too because people tend to stay indoors, and since billiards is an indoor game, people would like to buy it for leisure. When you wait until the end of the year, the very same table can go for $500 more.

Choosing between New and Used Pool Tables

Since pool tables can be very costly, there will be variables that you might want to consider. Here are various things that you need to be aware of when buying new or used pool tables.

Used pool tables are cheaper, which can be a great deal to pay $500-$800 for a decent state table made of good quality materials. Anything over $1000 is useless for used pool tables unless considered vintage because you are now falling into a new price range for the pool table.

A private seller would also be open to bargaining to push the price down. To trade with them, you may even be able to sell anything of equal or partial value.

A downside of buying used pool tables is a seller may lie to you about the pool table details, and the difference might not be known to you. The purchase price, brand, wood material, slate material, felt, etc., may be deceptive if you are not familiar with pool tables.

A great benefit of purchasing a new pool table is that billiard companies will offer a warranty. Most people have usually seen a manufacturer’s warranty lasts for five years. You don’t ever have to worry about dents, cracks, or any damage from the products they’re offering.

The largest and most visible downside to buying a new table is the price. The majority of new pool tables start at $1000 and can even reach into the range of $10,000 and higher.

Are Pool Tables Worth Buying?

There are several types of pool tables, and some of them are very pricey. Yet without spending a lot on it, it’s possible to get a perfectly good pool table. Not all pool tables are created equal, and the price often dictates quality.

You may be trying to determine if the expense is worth the additional investment. The truth is, a good quality table can give you a lifetime of pleasure if you intend to use it regularly.

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