As a massage therapist, you must learn how to shop for the best equipment, and one of the most important ones is a massage table. It may seem easy to buy the first one you spot online, but this is not the case. Whether you’re looking for a massage table for personal or business use, this guide will help you pick a durable, good quality table that will give you years of fair use. 

Weight tables are generally sturdy and comfortable, and just like any piece of equipment or furniture, these have weight limits. A regular massage table can accommodate as much as 350 pounds. Foldable massage tables may not be as durable and may only hold up to 200 pounds. Meanwhile, non-foldable, stable tables are made from solid materials that can take as much as 500 to 800 pounds.  

Different Massage Tables Weight Limits

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Better and more durable massage tables are now available for professional use. But before we describe these new pieces of equipment, let’s first understand the significant weight terms related to massage tables: the working weight and the static weight.

When you say working weight, this is the force that the table may be safely used for therapists to provide treatments without any worry of breaking. Massage therapists apply varying degrees of force, depending on the area of the body being treated. Massage remedies for the back, spine, and legs require a lot of pressure, and thus, a very durable massage table with a high working weight must be used.

The working weight can also be described as how much weight your table can take plus the therapist’s additional weight that’s providing the treatment. In some massage table models, you’ll find other weight units like safe working load or SWL or the table’s average working load or NWL. You may also find SWL and NWL in additional lifting or weight equipment.

Meanwhile, the static weight is higher than the table’s working weight. A portable (foldable) massage table can have a static weight of 2000 pounds, while non-portable models may have higher static weight values. The static weight is the amount of weight that the massage table can hold while the weight is in a stationary position.

Static weight is spread over the surface of the massage table and not merely on a specific spot. The strongest parts of a massage table are the corners and the middle seam. When a client or patient sits on a massage table for treatment, he must sit on the area where the seam is located.  

Why Do You Need To Follow Massage Table Weight Limits?

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Weight limits must always be followed on all load-bearing equipment like massage tables. Doing so will improve your table’s life as you can use it for many treatments and many years to come. Also, following weight limit specifications, especially the working weight, will help you provide better massage treatments for all your clients.

Considering the weight limit of a massage table also ensures the safety of your client and your safety. Never use a massage table for other purposes other than your treatments. This is one of the best ways to care for your massage table. 

How To Shop For The Most Durable Massage Tables

It all boils down to the type of material that the table is used. Naturally, if you want a very durable massage table, you should consider tables with a wooden or metal frame. Lately, more and more massage tables are made from strong metal but are not at all heavy. Updated massage table designs have made metal tables lighter but more durable and more comfortable to carry anywhere.

As much as strength is a very important factor in choosing the right massage table, it would be best if you also considered your client’s comfort. The table surface should be comfortable and adjustable to accommodate you and your client’s needs. The table must have high-quality foam that will never sag or lose its shape. The industry standard for foam thickness is around 2 inches.

The best height range of a massage table is around 23 to 33 inches, which is enough for any therapist. For wooden tables, you may need to turn or twist adjustment knobs found on each leg. Aluminum tables usually come with periscopic buttons on each leg. These are easy to use and are quick to adjust compared to wooden tables. 

Care Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Massage Table

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As your massage table is crucial equipment as a massage therapist, you must learn how to care for it to extend its life.

  • Never use your massage table for other purposes. Use it only for treatments and for examining clients.
  • If you have a folding, compact table, fold it and keep it when not in use. Keep it in a safe area.
  • If you have a non-foldable table, cover it with a cloth or a sheet to protect its surface. Remove the headrest when not in use.
  • Learn the proper way to treat clients when seated or lying on a massage table. Clients must sit in the middle seam of the table and not on the edge or other areas. This is the strongest part of a foldable massage table.
  • When lying prone or supine on a massage table, keep the client’s weight on the table’s center. Not only will this keep your client safe but will also keep your table in proper condition.
  • Always take time to clean the surface of the table. Remove dirt, oil, and sweat by wiping the area with mild soap and water. For challenging dirt and stains, disinfect with alcohol and water in a 10:1 ratio.

A massage table must be strong enough to be used for many years. If you would like a stable table, a stationary one would be the best choice. A massage table must be expertly designed and made from the best materials to withstand regular use. Consider all these factors, and you’ll indeed find the best massage table that’s perfect for your needs.

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