When it comes to styling and everything beautiful, most often than not, it is the small things that make the most significant difference.  For example, an earring to complete your stylish look or even a pinch of salt in your hot coco amplifies and immensely enhances its flavor. 

The same idea applies to the simple table lamp and how adding them to your homes can help and aid in making your place more attractive and homey. A table lamp’s primary purpose is to give light and illumination. These reading lamps are often positioned on the bed’s side table. Table lamps are often used to aid while reading, at the same time providing nighttime illumination. 

Different types of people use varying styles of lamps in their homes. Others choose large and dimmable lights like the Cauldron table lamps for a wide range of uses. In contrast, others who are not as expressive with their design styles choose small and simple fixtures. These tiny lamps allow a simple atmosphere in your bedroom with the help of its weak and dim light. However, these lamps are not just for the bedrooms. People nowadays also use table lamps inside their drawing rooms. You can use reading lamps to help change the mood in any space. 

It could be a modern reading lamp shaped like weird and different objects such as globes, fixtures, or trees that produce light projections to create magical and whimsical images. These contemporary lamps complement your home’s interior and give it an elegant feel with its striking and eye-catching designs accompanied by dim illumination. 

Best Table Lamps 

Dungoo Modern Farmhouse Table Lamp Sets 

Modern Farmhouse Table Lamp Sets of 2 with 2 USB Ports Pulg in Industrial Nightlight Open Column Bedside Nightstand Light Lamps for Bedroom Living Room, White Fabric Shade, 2-Pack

Add a modern and elegant design to your home with the Dungoo Modern Table Lamp. Be it a minimalist, modern, industrial, or vintage home, this product will fit right in. This lamp helps create a comfortable, cozy, and homey atmosphere inside your bedroom, living room, study, or office. Its stylish and straightforward shape, along with its delicate lampshade and practical base, is ideal for all types of uses, especially for reading in the study, children’s rooms, and by your nightstand. 

Each lamp features two Edison-style LED light bulbs, a 4-way switch on its socket for top light on, bottom on, both on, and both off. This elegant and modern lamp carries two USB charging ports strategically places on its metal base for your convenience. 

You can charge your phones, laptops, kindles, tablets, and other electronic devices conveniently beside you as you lay in bed or on the couch. Its charging ports will work even if the lamp is turned off. This lamp is a breeze to install as it comes with an instructions manual. Customers can always call their 24-hour customer service center if any questions arise. 


  • Simple and modern design 
  • Comes with dual LED bulbs 
  • Carries two USB charging ports 
  • Easy to install 


360 Lighting Marcel Modern Lamps Set of 2 

Marcel Modern Industrial Black Table Lamps Set of 2 with Nightlight LED USB Port Linen Shade for Living Room Bedroom - 360 Lighting

They say two is better than one, and it is also true for table lamps. The Marcel Modern Lamps set is a product of 360 lighting that looks and feels elegant and traditional. This product is covered in a black matte finish topped with a natural linen shade to complete its stylish look. 

This modern lamp also houses a convenient and accessible built-in USB port to quickly charge your smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. There is also a nightlight at the base to have a different bulb for more illumination. This lamp comes with Edison-style LED bulbs for that nostalgic feel. 

Each set comes with two modern lamps that weigh four pounds each. It also comes with an 8-feet brown cord. The set also includes a 4-watt LED Edison for the base of each lamp. It also houses a 4-way switch for top light on, bottom on, both on, both off. Its industrial design is ideal for nightstands and side tables for your bedrooms, living room, or office. 

The recommended main light bulbs for each lamp are incandescent, halogen, CFL, or LED that is standard to medium-based. For the night light, incandescent or LED light bulbs would suffice. However, Edison-style filaments bulbs are the most ideal but not required. 


  • Modern and stylish design 
  • Comes with a convenient USB charging port 
  • Perfect for all spaces 
  • Comes with a nightlight for better lighting 


Bosceos Touch Control 3-Way Dimmable Lamps 

Set of 2 Touch Control 3-Way Dimmable Table Lamp Modern Nightstand Lamp with 2 USB Port Bedside Desk Lamp with Fabric Shade for Living Room Bedroom Hotel, Cream, Bulbs Included

This high-quality and durable touch control 3-way dimmable lamp is a product of Bosceos. Its company has been in the light fixture business for years and is focused on premium and safe lighting products. Each product produces zero harmful substances and no mercury to ensure that your family is safe and healthy. 

These lamps are durable and stable because they are made of premium metal while the lamp’s base is heavy enough to prevent it from wobbling and swaying. Its X-shaped design also helps keep the lamp steadily in place without any shaking. Its anti-rust coat makes each lamp easy to clean and long-lasting.  Each lamp comes with three different brightness options a low, medium, and high. Tap any metal part to change the brightness level of your bulbs to your liking. 

Low brightness is ideal for babies’ nurseries and your nightstands. Medium brightness is perfect for daily use, movie nights, and romantic dinners. High brightness is excellent for working, playing video games, and reading. 

These lamps are provided with two USB fast charging ports, which allow you to charge electric devices simultaneously. These ports work even when the lamp is turned off. The set comes with two 60W base bulbs and a 7W LED bulb as a bonus. Each bulb matches the 3-way dimmable functional perfectly. The bulbs emit 2700K warm white lighting. 

The lampshades are made with stylish cream fabric to help diffuse a comfortable and natural luminescence, which also aids in giving off non-harsh lighting. Rest assured that each lamp does not experience any flicker and buzz. These lamps can be the perfect accent in any room or the ideal gift for family and friends during housewarming parties. This product can turn any bedroom, living room, or office into a modern and contemporary space. 


  • Features a 3-way dimmable touch control 
  • Durable and long-lasting product 
  • Fast charging ports are provided 
  • Comes with two bulbs for your convenience 
  • The perfect add-on to any room 
  • Great gift idea 


Ben Table Lamps Set of 2 

Ben Traditional Table Lamps Set of 2 Dark Bronze Metal Beige Linen Drum Shade for Living Room Family Bedroom Bedside - Regency Hill

Each lamp features a rich, matte, dark bronze finish and classic-style metal construction. The lampshades are linen made to give it a clean and neutral look to help complement any bedroom, living room, or office space. These lamps are the perfect accent for end tables. These traditional candlestick-style lamps are from the company Regency Hill. 

These lamps use a 100-watt standard to medium base lightbulbs. The sockets also house the on and off switches. Each lamp supports incandescent, halogen, CFL, and LED light bulbs. However, dimmable bulbs are sold separately. It is worth noting that you should not touch halogen bulbs with your bare hands to prevent premature bulb failures. 

The metal lamps are 25 inches in height, while the bases are 5 inches wide. It weighs approximately four pounds. It also houses an 8-foot long black cord. 



  • Traditional-style lamp set 
  • Design complements any room in your home
  • Compatible with most light bulbs
  • Lightweight 
  • Comes with a long cord for your convenience 


Safavieh Table Lamp 

Safavieh Lighting Collection Stephanie Green Globe 25-inch Table Lamp (Set of 2)

Considered jewelry for the home, the Safavieh table lamps exude elegance and commands attention anywhere you place it. With the Stephanie Green Globe table lamp and its jade and silver accents that come with three celadon glazed ceramic balls in between its silver-plated metal rings, it is truly a work of art. 

The eye-catching lamp is topped using a traditional white linen shade for added sophistication. These table lamps are ideal for the living room. Place it on the side or even atop an accent table for some added dramatic effect. Ideally, this Safavieh table lamp should be placed at eye level to spread the light evenly across the living space.

You can also position this lamp on top of a console table to make a bold statement. It is also recommended for bedroom nightstands to help you read comfortably in style. This table lamp measures 12″ x 12″ x 25″ and weighs 14 pounds for your reference.


  • Excellent accent piece anywhere in your home 
  • Lights up each room perfectly 


Jonathan Y Noelle Seashell Table Lamp 

JONATHAN Y JYL1053A-SET2 Noelle 28.5" Seashell LED Table Lamp Coastal,Contemporary,Transitional for Bedroom, Living Room, Office, College Dorm, Coffee Table, Bookcase, White(Setof2)

With a crystal base, two seashell pillar lamps that look like they are floating because of its perfectly shining mother of pearl, these meticulously hand-collected shells are cut and polished into small tiles to be applied in a grid mosaic formation on its rectangular base. 

At the same time, the shape of the lampshades mirrors and complements its geometric aesthetic. The lamp is also accented with a chrome finish and crystal finials. 

These table lamps are what most people call modern classics. Its premium and bespoke details make each lamp stand out. It also houses an elegant, easy-to-use 1-way switch and uses a warm white LED bulb.  These lamps are designed to light up and cover your home with warm and soft lighting making your bedroom, living room, dining room, or office stylish and comfortable. 

Each lamp comes with a complimentary LED bulb that uses 90% less energy compared to incandescent. Philips Hue and Alexa LED light bulbs are included and provide soft, subtle, and flicker-free lighting. Each lightbulb has a lifespan of 25,000 hours. 

If used six to eight hours a day, each light bulb could last up to ten years. Even with heavy usage, these durable and sturdy bulbs could still last a couple of years. 

If you have any questions regarding how to assemble the lamps or have any other issues, you can always call their active customer service hotline to help with your queries. 


  • Modern classic design 
  • Suitable for any room
  • Comes with complimentary LED light bulb 
  • LED bulb can last up to ten years 
  • Responsive customer service center 

Table Lamp Buyers Guide

How Do I Choose a Table Lamp? 

What lamps are in style now? 

Shiningly illuminated modern table lamps can quickly grab anyone’s attention when your friends visit your home for house parties or get-togethers. They become and create beautiful focal points in any room and can even conceal the less-attractive parts of the room, such as a worn table edge or even a stained wall. 

LED floor lamps also help create a chic and fashionable look to any space. 

Soft Gold 

Nowadays, there has been a surge in popularity when it comes to soft colors. Most homeowners have gravitated towards colors such as grey and beige. Pale gold is also included in the soft color spectrum that works well and complements contemporary and modern decorations. 

Soft gold is somewhere in between brushed gold and brushed silver. It also has a matte finish that brings out a warm and mellow shade of gold. This type of color blends well with almost all decor and style, be it in an urban apartment or a farmhouse. 

Retro and Industrial Style 

Industrial is all about having neutral colors, metals, and rustic finishes. Retro is also making a comeback in the styling world in a whole new different way and approach. When looking at modern versus traditional industrial styles, you will see a stark difference. The new thing nowadays is called upgraded industrial or modern retro. 

It is different from the warehouse-like types that people commonly observe when we say industrial. Modern retro uses sleeker and shinier metals, rich tones, and alternative designs. Most table lamps of this style look more like an art piece instead of an actual lamp. 

Vintage Edison 

Retro is here to stay. The Vintage Edison style is another retro type of lighting that is starting to become a trend with homeowners who love nostalgic and wistful designs. The round and cone shape of bulbs immediately gives your home a more homey and laid-back feel. These types of table lamps are ideal for places like the living area or your study. 

Edison lamps use LED lighting, so you know it will consume less power and will last longer. There are also incandescent Edison bulbs still in the market if you prefer a more authentic retro experience. 

Cleaner Lines 

Modern decors are mostly focused on clean and neat forms. Be it a modern kitchen, modern couch, or contemporary lighting, over-decorating is losing its popularity. Older table lamps often feature ornate and cluttered metalwork. However, modern homes opt for lesser complex and cluttered designs to blend well in their neatly styled spaces. 

Homeowners look for more straightforward, crisper, and cleaner light designs that would fit perfectly among the other modern decors in their homes. Minimalism is getting more popular by the minute as more discreet and modest table lamps are entering the market. 

These lamps focus more on neutral colors, simple lines, and the elevation of its form versus extravagant and excessive aesthetics. 

Timeless Pieces

To make a statement, one does not always have to follow the trend. There are plenty of lighting companies that are producing table lamps that showcase designs inspired by the 1940s. Lamps with linen shades are slowly becoming a hit to a lot of homeowners. 

These timeless pieces create and produce an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and inviting. Although these designs have changed in the last few decades, the nostalgic feel is still there but with fewer curves and a little bit of a modern touch. 

How Do I Know If a Lamp is Valuable? 

Lamps that are auctioned off could either be trash or treasure. You never know, the light that you use every day could be a valuable item. It takes a little bit of research and searching for apparent clues to determine whether the lamp you have has an estimated value. 

It is worth noting that it does not automatically mean that it is valuable because you have an old lamp. It might not meet the real and traditional meaning of a 100-year-old lamp to say that it is an antique. On the other hand, it could still be worth something as a collectible. 

Steps on how to find out if your lamp has value: 

Step 1: Examine and inspect the condition of your lamp. Look for damages to check if it is still possible to repair. A damaged lamp does not necessarily discount your rare lamp’s worth, although it could reduce its value. 

Step 2: Scratch the bottom of the lamp’s surface somewhere; it can be seen using your fingernail or the tip of a screwdriver to identify what kind of materials are used to manufacture the lamp. Most vintage lamps look like they are made of copper metal, but some are made from paint to make it appear like copper metal. 

Step 3: Look for labels saying where the lamp is manufactured, embossed stamps, or raised imprints on your lamp. Antique lamps usually show identifications and labels from companies like Tiffany, Handel, Pittsburgh Pilabrasgo Co., Duffner, Pairpoint, Fulper, or Van Briggle. Lamps with markings and tags from Kramer, Steuben, Bigelow and Kinnard, Bradley and Hubbard, Gorham, Wilkinson and Jefferson, and Stickley are also of high value. 

Lamp styles by Louis Poulsen, George Kovaks, George Nelson, Stiffel, and Jonathan Adler are from the Midcentury and are highly valuable. Note that not all lamps list the company or maker, but you can still look for clues like a model number or even a handwritten number to help you look for the maker. Remember to take down all the clues for your research. 

Step 4: Test out and check the switches or metal pulls for clues about where it was manufactured. Some lamps have markings on the buttons that could give away the lamp maker. 

Step 5: You can also look at how the lamp’s wiring to search for clues regarding the lamp’s age. Wires in older lamps are usually wrapped in cotton. However, new owners typically change the wiring during repairs. Check the bulb sockets and the plug for any markings as well.  

Step 6: Some lampshades also have manufacturing clues. However, it is best not to assume that the lamp’s base and shade came as a pair. There are instances where the shade is valuable, but the base is valueless. Always inspect every single part of your lamp meticulously before deciding its value. 

Step 7: The internet is your friend, and use it wisely. Research online and check lamp guides and books using all the information you have collected.

Are Antique Lamps Worth Anything? 

Do you own a vintage or antique lamp that could be valuable? Nowadays, more people are starting to have an interest in auctions, antique shops, flea markets, estate sales, and furniture shops in hopes of hitting the jackpot. 

There are plenty of lamps that one can purchase, but how do you tell if what you have is a treasure or just plain trash? There are plenty of ways to determine and figure out if the antique lamp you have now is even worth anything. 

One of the first things you need to know is identifying what kind of lamp you have, whether it is a vintage, antique, or modern. By definition, an object is considered antique if it is 100 years old or more. The term “vintage” is a bit more complicated because some use this terminology to distract buyers from the object’s imperfections. 

Antiques are collectibles that are more than a hundred years old while vintage items are distinguished or recognized by the era in which it was produced. Vintage items are less than 100 years old but not less than 20 years old at the same time. However, a lamp’s age does automatically mean it is of value. 

It is worth noting that modern lamps could also be worth a fortune depending on the company that manufactured it or how it was produced. 

Modern Table Lamps 

The world of lighting is constantly changing. There are the traditional and classic styles, the staples that surpass trends, like a mid-century lamp or a vintage table lamp that adds a little personality and an exquisite touch to the whimsical interior of your home. And there are the yearly trends that some may call modern designs. 

Here are a couple of modern table lamps worth knowing: 

Architectural Lamps 

These lamps provide subtle accent lighting or just that extra illumination to your dim room. Architectural lamps with tripod legs or legs with weird or unexpected angles became popular this year. 

These pieces command attention and add to the style of every room it is placed. Nowadays, lighting has become more decorative so that architectural lamps can become the perfect statement piece in your home’s overall layout. 

Natural Materials 

Natural materials such as wood, burlap, glass, grasses, and metal are common in lighting and design. Lamps made using raw materials that showcase geometric forms and straight lines indicate a return to nature. They also work well and complement various styles from traditional to contemporary. 

Geometric Designs 

Lightings with geometric shapes give off an architectural and casual feel. These types of lamps are a great addition to any room, especially in the kitchen. 

Brass and Gold 

Brass and gold designed table lamps is another lighting and design trend that we are seeing. Right now, the design world is fixated on the color gold, and everyone loves it. Unlacquered gold and brass lamps that patina and age over time are a must-have for people who enjoy new designs and styles in their homes. 

Matte Black 

Black is everyone’s favorite. It is chic, modern, edgy, and works with almost all kinds of palettes. Matte black table lamps look natural, bold, luxurious, and harmonizes effortlessly with modern designs to give it a dramatic contrast to the white and grey Scandinavian interiors. 

Clear Glass 

Clear glass lamps are perfect mash-ups of rustic and industrial design. These table lamps are ideal for mountain-inspired and eclectic homes. There are plenty of lights that use the clear glass design at different heights and silhouettes alongside an exposed Edison-style bulb for that added pinch of sophistication. 

Refined Industrial 

Homes inspired by urban lofts are a hit nowadays. That is why more and more companies are manufacturing industrial lighting. The classic industrial lighting is still beautiful, but people’s tastes are slowly shifting to a more refined and subtle industrial style as time passes. 

These lamps still have typical industrial shapes and materials but are finished using brass, matte black, or even polished chrome. These types of lamps look great in the dining room or the kitchen. 


When choosing the best table lamp for you, do not feel any pressure about not knowing which one to get. The best one will always be the one you love and work best in your home. Always go with your style. After all, you’re the one who has to see it every day.