Asian table styles are a popular trend in interior design. But what characteristics do these pieces have that sets them aside from other furniture designs? Keep on reading to discover more about Asian table styles its unique features that make it the best.

The simplicity, intricacy, and elegance of an Asian table style elevate the look of any space. The Asian style, also called oriental style, exudes tranquility and harmony. It is a decorative style that is exotic, peaceful, and balanced.

Characteristics And Features Of Asian Table Styles

Many elements make Asian table styles highly distinguished and remarkable. The use of clean lines, rich wood, sleek finish, and masterful work are only some of the most common characteristics of oriental décor. Let’s take a closer look at the perfection of Asian table styles and its features.

Various Style Inspirations

Asian style has a far too broad spectrum of inspiration to take from its region. The oriental style can derive from different cultures and traditions, such as Korean, Vietnamese, and other Far Eastern countries. However, the Japanese and Chinese influences are most predominant and recognizable.

These wonderful and rich cultures are a treasure trove for exotic, exquisite, and opulent pieces that instantly transforms a room. Its design elements produce colorful, ornate, and impressive details that genuinely a masterpiece. So, how do you differentiate Chinese from Japanese style?

Japanese Design – The calming effect of Japanese style furniture utilizes natural materials and subdued colors. Japanese inspired tables are minimalistic with its simple and clean lines. They use colors and textures that are both soothing and warm.

Like the low tables, it is a traditional Japanese design inspired by their culture. In this country, they are used to dining at low tables while sitting on floor cushions. Its most defining feature gives us a sense of balance, serenity, and harmony.

Chinese Design – From the other end of the Asian style spectrum is the Chinese style. These pieces display the use of ornate details and bold colors. It is easily recognizable for its hand-painted designs, glossy finish, and detailed wood carvings.

Chinese style tables are dramatic with its motifs featuring bamboos, animals, or mythical beasts. It sometimes bears intricate patterns and striking colors. Additionally, these pieces also exhibit embellishments and elaborate Chinese designs.

Colors And Tones

The prominent colors of Chinese-inspired Asian table styles are red, black, and dark wood tones. Red brings good luck and happiness in Chinese culture. They also use gold and yellow accents, which helps attract everyone’s focus to the table.

If you search for something that doesn’t draw too much attention from the room, a Japanese-inspired table might work for you. These tables are mostly in tan, green, gray, or other neutral colors. Gold and silver accents in hardware or paint are very minimal.

Choice Of Materials

The surfaces of Asian style tables are smooth and shiny. Moreover, the materials they choose specifically for its natural beauty and durability. It is either polished, lacquered, or painted to bring out the perfect details like shape, texture, color, and wood grain.

A more modern Asian style table is often made from distressed wood, painted black or white, and uses colors like red, purple, blue, and orange. Some pieces have varnished teak or brown wood. You might be surprised as well with their elegant marble or glass tabletops.

Expert Craftsmanship

Asian table styles are simplistic, and what it lacks in ornate details, it makes up with its craftsmanship. These tables are characteristically hand made from high-quality materials. It balances beauty and functionality with its structural design and techniques.

Elegance And Minimalism

Clean straight lines and smooth surfaces of Asian table styles look opulent and graceful. It adds an element of tranquility and richness in perfect balance. As they say, “Simplicity is beauty.”

Tips In Finding Perfect Asian Table Style For Your Space

Endless selections of Asian table styles can make it hard for you to choose the right one. Tables don’t just vary in design, material, and color but size and shape as well. With this guideline, you can easily pick the perfect table that fits comfortably and looks great in your space.

The Right Size

In choosing the right size of the table, you want to buy, you must first consider its purpose. A dining table should have plenty of room for food and place settings. When measuring the overall floor area that your table will occupy, you must also include space for seating and foot traffic.

Shape Of Table

While rectangle or square tables are your go-to shape for a table, an oval or circle table is ideal for rooms with limited spaces. Round tables eliminated the corners that make it challenging to move around, especially with coffee tables. This shape in dining tables also gives you a flexible number of place settings for guests.

Materials And Finish

Choosing the right table materials and finish depends on your décor, budget, and purpose. A wooden table is a classic choice with its timelessness and durability. The only drawback to this material is that its easily scratched or damaged.

Veneer, plastic, and laminated tables, on the other hand, are inexpensive but durable. It is a great option when you are on a tight budget or need furniture with little maintenance. Glass tabletops, however, will help you achieve an open feel if you have a small space.


Asian table styles are widely popular for its classic and elegant appearance, as well as its quality. Its broad design selection allows you to choose a piece to make a statement or have something soothing in the eyes. Plus, Asian table styles easily fits any design, décor, and lifestyle.

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